NERRL Hand Painted Designs, Newfoundland Art & Hand Painted Glassware

NERRL Hand Painted Designs is a whimsical, very colorful art business. If you need color in your life – we have it! We cater to all your home and gift ideas with a Newfoundland outport  flare,  Boats, Whales, Mermaids, Icebergs and our Crooked Stages (copyrighted designed fishing stages) and the excitement continues in to the many well known icons of the province such as Jelly Bean Row Houses of St. John’s, NL., Mummers and Puffins, the official bird of Newfoundland; most paintings have outport life utmost in mind. Available for  Commission work. Artwork is painted on Canvas, Glass, Slate, Rock and Wood.

We cater to all your home and gift ideas with a Newfoundland outport and tradition flare in a whimsical and colorful way.

Looking for color in your life? NERRL’s artwork will give you that and more! Our unique products make superb, memorable gifts for all occasions or just for you. If you are a former Newfoundlander your memories will come floading back. Or maybe you are aspiring to visit or be relocate here, we have Newfoundland outport art scenes and we have icons of our province such as Jelly Bean Row Houses, Fishing stages, Mummers, Icebergs, Puffins, etc. Copyright of the unique colorful “Crooked Stages” series of artwork is in place, several prints in this series and many other pieces available, Limited and Unlimited editions. Painting on Canvas, Glassware, Slate, Rock, Wood.

Contact me by email for any custom work you may be interested in doing. I will respond within 24 hours


I just purchased a Jelly Bean Row House teapot and am very pleased with it.  Eileen is very professional and her work is well done! I had a difficult time choosing a piece to buy and will definitely be buying from her again!


Lorena Wicks Matthews

I  bought a cottage and have one of Eileen’s Jelly Bean Row House teapots and a set of Cream and Sugar displayed on an antique sideboard……’s lovely!

Lori-Ann Harris

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NERRL Hand Painted Designs

NERRL’s artwork will distinguish your home with color and design. Our unique, whimsical and colorful canvases, prints, hand painted glassware, slate and rock will add to your home’s decor or make a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Note: Glassware is individually hand painted
Do not wash in dishwasher
Hand wash carefully, not leaving the item in soak in dish liquid