All glassware is cleaned rigorously before being painted. Recycled items are cleaned inside with a Antacid tablet which removes any residue left. The recycled bottles are kept in water with Oxi Clean for a week or two to soak off the labels. The final process before painting is the put each item through my dishwasher. They are cleaned before painting with alcohol. Paint used is a good glass paint product which takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days to complete painting as each coat has to dry in between applying another coat. Once painted, the product is left to “cure” for 4 days, then baked according to the paint company’s instructions. Although the paint does say “safe to top level of dishwasher” I do not advise using the dishwasher.

Washing instructions;-

  • Glassware is individually hand painted
  • Do not wash in dishwasher
  • Hand wash carefully, not leaving the item in soak in dish liquid
  • Wash your glassware in lukewarm water with mild dish soap. Hot water can cause the glass to crack. The best way to clean to use a soft sponge attached to a handle in order to reach tough spots. Make sure to avoid using anything stiff, which can potentially scratch the surface.