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Newfoundland Hand-Painted Artwork

Our unique Newfoundland hand-painted artwork paintings are available on either canvas or reproductive prints.

NERRL Offers Hand-Painted Traditional Newfoundland Designs On Canvas

Colourful Newfoundland hand-painted designs are available on canvas or as prints.

Our unique NL paintings consist of a variety of iconic and traditional Newfoundland outport themes and options. Choose from Newfoundland outport scenes, jellybean row houses, fishing stages, mummers, icebergs, puffins, lighthouses, fish, and boats. We also do house number signs on slate.

See below to view our Newfoundland artwork on canvas or prints.

 For Commission work, please contact us by email.

nerrl newfoundland hand painted designs on canvas

Looking For Custom Artwork?


I just purchased a Jelly Bean Row House teapot and am very pleased with it.  Eileen is very professional and her work is well done! I had a difficult time choosing a piece to buy and will definitely be buying from her again!

Lorena Wicks Matthews

I  bought a cottage and have one of Eileen’s Jelly Bean Row House teapots and a set of Cream and Sugar displayed on an antique sideboard……’s lovely!

Lori-Ann Harris