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From Darkness into Light Painting


From Darkness Into LIght Painting

From Darkness Into Light Painting.  Lilacs were one of my mom’s favorite flowers.  I decided to paint them on a black canvas background.  When I looked at the finished product immediately the darkness in the back and the light of the lilacs in front, made me think of the title From Darkness Into Light.  Representing a passing of winter to summer and of a loved ones passing from this dark world into the light of the great beyond.  I did not realize at the time I painted it that my granddaughter Emma would pass away from cancer at 6 1/2 years old in 2020.  So accordingly, this painting has a significant relevance to me. Limited edition of 250.

Giclee fine art paper reproduction, size 14 x 14 including border

Original 13 x 13 canvas gallery style

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From Darkness Into LIght Painting

Original 13 x 13 canvas gallery style

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14 x 14 giclee fine art paper reproduction prints, Original 13 x 13 gallery style canvas